"Maja Louise Haahr is the designer behind the brand Froks, launched in December 2005.

Today she sells her designs on two of Copenhagen’s most unique and exciting streets. In the concept store Fünf on Elmegade and Shop. on Værnedamsvej. These 2 stores are owned by Maja in different partnerships, to enable her to challenge her skills and ever lasting creativity in fashion.

She places great emphasis on the concept of Slow Fashion. That means that many of her favourite styles continues season after season, maybe in new colors or different textiles. This is to ensure that each piece of clothing she produce have attributed a higher value, and to break with the fashion industry´s rapid renewal of collections and styles.

The clothes are produced in a small family-run factory in Bulgaria, which Froks have achieved a close relationship with over the last 10 years of cooperation. Same presence is reflected in the close collaboration with her fabric and trim suppliers, where the emphasis is on buying textiles as close to home as possible.

The foundation of Froks´ design is a characteristic minimalism and sophisticated details, that with elegant subtlety sends a strong appeal to a wide audience.”